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rckstands diseño de stands

Stand de diseño

Projecting inspiring spaces

Con más de 30 años de trayectoria profesional en el ámbito de los stand de diseño, te ofrecemos todos y cada uno de los servicios que puedas necesitar para participar en cualquier feria o congreso a nivel nacional o internacional, acompañándote y asesorándote en todas las etapas del proceso.

Nuestra experiencia en el sector de los stand de diseño

En nuestro equipo contamos con profesionales cualificados y con gran experiencia, que conocen las últimas tendencias del sector de los stands y del interiorismo, buscando trasladar a sus proyectos la solidez de lo tradicional con las nuevas formas de expresión.

Our working methodology 

Contar con un stand de diseño es un factor importantísimo a la hora de participar en eventos y exposiciones pues permite captar la atención de los visitantes y transmitir el mensaje adecuado, es por ese motivo que desempeña un papel fundamental.
Por ello, un buen stand no solo debe ser atractivo visualmente, sino que también debe reflejar la identidad y los valores de la marca o empresa representada.
Cada elemento de diseño, desde la disposición del espacio hasta la selección de los colores y materiales, debe ser cuidadosamente considerado para lograr el impacto deseado.


La creatividad, aspecto crucial en el diseño de stands


Nuestro equipo sabe encontrar las formas más innovadoras de presentar los productos o servicios de manera memorable.
Además, a la hora de darle forma, hay que tener en cuenta los flujos de tráfico para garantizar que los visitantes puedan moverse fácilmente y acceder al stand de una forma coherente.
The strategic arrangement of design elements can also help highlight key points and direct visitors' attention to them.

En resumen, un stand de diseño debe combinar la estética, la creatividad y la funcionalidad

Si estás buscando destacar en la próxima feria o congreso, no busques más. Nuestro equipo de expertos en el diseño de stands está listo para ayudarte a crear una presencia impactante y memorable.
We are prepared to translate your ideas into reality. Our customer-centric approach allows us to adapt to your specific needs and provide you with innovative solutions that reflect your brand identity.
No pierdas la oportunidad de marcar la diferencia. Contacta con nosotros hoy mismo y solicita tu stand de diseño. Nuestro equipo estará encantado de asesorarte y ofrecerte un presupuesto personalizado sin compromiso.

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Our Clients

Our clients include small and medium-sized companies, large advertisers, public institutions and multinational companies from around the world. Our aim is to provide tailor made solutions to each exhibitor and maximize the impact and returns from their presence at the fair.
testimonials quote pattern

“We commission RCK a complex project. After two meetings, they introduced us the DS City, an exhibition area that went beyond the typical stands. RCK created different spaces that maintained the same look but each with its own style and personality. Attendees and staff of the company were amazed. Working with RCK is synonymous with tranquility, professionalism, a lot of creativity and security in that the result will leave flabbergasted everyone.”

Doro Taurel
Manager of Communication and Events Dentsply Sirona

“RCK has been providing this company, as a stand supplier, since 2005. Throughout this period, RCK has proven to be responsible, honest, efficient and committed to the objectives of our Company. Its staff has far exceeded all expectations generated, demonstrating a special interest and commitment to meet all those needs that have occurred. And we continue to trust in their work capacity and quality.”

Roberto Mariscal Álvarez
MKT Operations, Digital and Advertising Director. Santalucía

We design experiences, we create emotions.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive services for all types of activities, advising, managing and realizing each resources requested by the client.

Our experience of más de tres décadas creando stands, allows us to face each project with guarantees of success. Essentially, our method is based on teamwork, analysis of the needs of our clients and adaptation to the new demands of a constantly evolving sector.

'' Details are not just details. The details are design ."

Charles Eames

In rck.stands we adapt to the needs of each company and enhance the image that each brand wants to convey. We are leaders in the design of custom exhibition stands. Our designs have a differentiating style and are always thought to gain visibility above the competitors.

We create eye-catching designs that fit the functional expectations, and are aesthetically striking. We consider that a stand designed for the final consumer will be different to one designed for a corporate client. Therefore the importance to know who are we addressing from the beginning. We listen to be able to advise and offer the best customized booth solutions in each case. We always keep in mind to exceed your exhibition goals and project an image that lasts in your customer minds.

Our solutions are aimed to get the maximum value out of your investment. We combine the strength of the traditional with the latest trends to offer the most innovative ideas. Whether it is printed graphics, audio visuals or interactive screens, you will have the advice of our team to make sure your message is clear and lasts in time. Our team will help you find the perfect design for each exhibition. Let us know more about your project and we will advise you to make it happen with a guarantee of success.


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